Meet push. Lightly Caffeinated Water + Electrolytes

The perfect water. Push is sourced from one of the largest aquifers in America and is infused with electrolytes, oxygen, and the perfect amount of natural caffeine. The amount of caffeine in push is equivalent to about half a can of soda or a quarter cup of coffee and gives you the healthy push you need to power through your day. Push has no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and zero calories.

push. = The Best Ingredients and Packaging

Natural Caffeine - push Water

Natural Caffeine

We extract our caffeine from natural coffee beans and never substitute our healthy caffeine for the synthetic kind you see in other drinks.

Electrolyte Enriched Water - push Water

Infused With Electrolytes

We infuse our water with electrolytes to help your body hydrate more efficiently and direct nutrients where they're needed most.

Oxygen Enriched

We use medical grade oxygen to mimic a natural waterfall cycle, raising the oxygen content of each bottle and making the water taste better.

Zero Sugar

No Calories

BPA Free


I start my day off with push! It's my healthy caffeine pickup throughout the day at the gym in the morning and at the office in the afternoon.

Mark M., Austin, TX

I am so happy I found push. I have been looking for something healthier to replace my afternoon "soda" addiction and avoid the sugar!

Cynthia S., Santa Barbara, CA

It tastes just like other premium drinking waters. I drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon and it keeps me going all day!

Preston H., Cedar Park, TX

I am not a coffee drinker, so I used to drink a soda and sometimes an energy drink in the afternoon at the office. No longer. Now I drink push!

Samantha T., Miami, FL


Because when you do, others do. And we need that. More than ever. People following their passion. Their purpose. Pushing through all the fears and doubts that can stand in our way. This isn't just water. It's a reminder. To you. To me. To everyone. That the fight is worth it. That you are worth it. Because your dreams need you to believe they are possible. And we are but a tiny reminder that you matter. That the life you are building is epic. And it's in our best interest that you succeed. So here's a little push in the direction destiny already has you heading.