Lightly Caffeinated Premium Water + Electrolytes

It simply tastes like water.


Sometimes you need a gentle push, not a shove. That’s why we developed Push Water. Unlike sugary, highly-caffeinated energy drinks and shots that give you a jolt followed by a crash, Push works with your body to not only gently boost energy and focus, but to hydrate every cell with electrolytes. The best part about Push? No sweeteners. No preservatives. No flavors. Just pure, clean, artesian water…with benefits.


When you drink Push, all you taste is perfect, beautiful water. Here’s what you’ll get:

Natural Caffeine - push Water

Natural Caffeine

No synthetic caffeine here. Just the perfect amount of caffeine, straight from the coffee bean—20mg, the same as a quarter cup of coffee or a half can of soda.

Electrolyte Enriched Water - push Water


Push is electrolyte-infused to help your body hydrate and recover more efficiently. Every sip naturally replenishes cells, energy and mood.


We use medical-grade oxygen to mimic a natural waterfall cycle. This extra step gives Push a clean, crisp, bright finish with no aftertaste.

Zero Sugar

No Calories

BPA Free

Why Push?

We combined a light dose of natural caffeine with balanced electrolytes and premium, oxygenated water to give you a pleasant push of energy that remains stable and lasts longer than other beverages. With Push, you get your caffeine, hydration and energy a healthier way.

When to Push

Push is the perfect addition to any day. Drink a bottle when you wake up, before and/or after a workout, during the afternoon slump, or any time you need a little push to keep going. Push has zero calories or sweeteners, so you can enjoy it as often as you like.


I start my day off with push! It's my healthy caffeine pickup throughout the day at the gym in the morning and at the office in the afternoon.

Mark M., Austin, TX

I am so happy I found push. I have been looking for something healthier to replace my afternoon "soda" addiction and avoid the sugar!

Cynthia S., Santa Barbara, CA

It tastes just like other premium drinking waters. I drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon and it keeps me going all day!

Preston H., Cedar Park, TX

I am not a coffee drinker, so I used to drink a soda and sometimes an energy drink in the afternoon at the office. No longer. Now I drink push!

Samantha T., Miami, FL

I drink 2-3 of these a day now. So much healthier than my 2 sodas a day I use to drink on top of the coffee in the morning!

Brent S., Austin, TX